How to use this course

The Digital Pedagogy online course is divided into seven sections. The course introduction sets the scene for what's to come: a look at the use of technology in ELT through five 'lenses', each of which gets its own devoted section in the course. The course conclusion recaps what we've covered and ties it all together.

Each section of the course is built around bite-sized video clips where LearnJam's Nick Robinson talks through the use of technology in ELT through the different lenses. At the start of each section is a short 'Before you watch' activity. This is designed to introduce the topic of the videos and prepare you for what you're about to see. In many cases, you'll be asked to ponder a question and share your thoughts with other course participants in the comments. After the video input, each section contains 2–3 tasks designed to help you relate the topic of the section to your own practice, be that teaching, materials writing or product development. In some cases we've also included short 'Check your understanding' activities. The final task in each section is reflective in nature, and will ask you to share how you think what you're learning will impact the work you do.

If you're short on time, as we realise many people are, then a short path through the course would just involve watching the videos and doing the 'Before you watch' tasks. However, we'd strongly recommend taking the time to dive into the full course tasks in depth if you can, as they're designed to help embed thoughtful and effective use of technology into your practice. As with many things in life, they more you can put in, the more you get out.

We very much hope you enjoy the course.

All course content is copyright 2017 ELT Jam Learning Ltd. Please don't steal any of; it took us ages to develop this stuff. Unless otherwise credited, all images are reproduced under a Creative Commons Zero licence from

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